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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by ccollinsmith View Post
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At any rate, I would call that claim pure speculation. If Harry had behaved differently than Snape expected him to behave (i.e., by thanking him - something James would never have done), there is a possibility - however remote - that it might have given Snape reason to believe that maybe Harry was not so arrogant as Snape (wrongly) assumed after all. We will never know what the result might have been because Harry never made the attempt.
Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
I don't think there is enough canon, if any, to suggest that Snape never felt any sympathy for Harry's plight. I'd agree though that Snape never showed sympathy for Harry's plight openly to him. I think Snape never showed any sympathy because I think he needed to keep his distance for a variety of reasons, in the same way Dumbledore kept his distance from Harry in Harry's fifth year, when Harry thought Dumbledore was shunning him; but that was not the case; Dumbledore was doing what he did for Harry's sake. Likewise, I believe Snape kept his distance both for his sake and for Harry's.
What about DH when Snape talks to Dumbledore and he asked Snape if he had grown to care for the boy and Snape replied "for him?" and then he showed that all he cared for was Lily.

Snape gives Harry a look at the dinner. Harry feels a pain in his scar and that night begins to have dreams that conflate Snape with Voldemort. All of this is before Snape speaks to Harry or Harry speaks to Snape.
Well actually if I go to a new place andsomeone throws a look at me for reasons I donīt know and then other people tell me that, that person isnīt particually nice. I mean they should know that, they were Students at the school for the past years. And then during the first lesson he is being mean to me, for no apparent reason. Why on Earth should anybody suddenly begin to like such a person?

(The irony here is that that during the same year, we see that Snape is horrified when Dumbledore tells him that Harry must die).


Originally Posted by OldMotherCrow View Post
I think this brings up an interesting question: What was Snape's expectation for his relationship with Harry?

Did Snape ever feel he owed Harry (not Lily, Harry) anything?

In PoA, Snape indicates that he thinks Harry should be down on bended knee, thanking him. At this point Snape believes he has rescued Harry from Sirius Black. I think this shows that Snape desired a relationship where Harry owed him, rather than the other way around, and never saw helping Harry as restitution he owed to Harry.
Uhmmm not sure. I just think that Snape had no real feelings for Harry and just saw him as part of his job and the promise he made. That he didnīt desired any special relationship.


The End of the Dream.
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