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Re: The Tale of the Three Brothers

Originally Posted by Kanksha View Post
I also loved the brilliant irony in this story that Dumbledore brings up. The whole moral of this tale is that Death is undeafeatable so don't bother trying to put one over him because you will fail. And yet readers think that the message in this tale is the exact opposite. Possess all the three objects and you will be the master of death.

Maybe that's because Dumbledore himself was also one of those people who wanted to be Master of Death. I feel it is a warning for future wizards and witches not to taunt Death or dabble in necromancy, but, like the youngest brother, try to prolong one's Death by the seventh sense-common sense-and when your time comes, "treat death as an old friend, walking away together to the next life as equals.".

Originally Posted by xhanax315 View Post
I would have liked to have known more about Grumble the Gurdy Goat.
Me too! But I don't think Beedle would have a tale like that in his book. His tales are more dark, mysterious and sinister, not at all what one would expect a tale like Grumbly the Grubby Goat to be in.



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