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Re: Electronic Readers

Originally Posted by Desraelda View Post
Depends on the format. Kindle uses PRC or AZW format. If you have books you have previously purchased in an unsupported format, you can e-mail the doc to Amazon and they will do the conversion and e-mail it back to your Kindle.
Which is insane and the problem with all proprietary formats. Native support of common formats like PDF, DOC and RTF without mucking about with sending files to Amazon is common sense.

Not necessarily. Amazon provides free software through Mobipocket (an Amazon company) so you can do the conversion yourself. Takes no time at all.

The International design only became available a few months ago, and yes, it still has issues, just like any other electronic device, but not for U.S. customers. If I remember correctly, you are outside the U.S. Are any other e-readers available to you?

From your posts, I'm guessing you don't want one anyway and I really don't want to convince you. Just answering questions, here.
The thing is something that has been available for years shouldn't require debugging.

When I get an e-reader (a decision which will be based on affordability) I'd more likely plump for a BeBook which has native support for PDF and JPG files.

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