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Re: Ender's Game and related series

Ender's game is my all time favorite book. I fell in love with it from the moment i read it! I love the twist at the end, i never saw it coming and i enjoyed the battle school scene and all the really smart kids.

For anyone looking for more into ender's realm I have read the full series. ender's shadow is a great read if you like parallel novels from another perspective, i thought writing from beans perspective was really interesting. That whole "shadow" series i enjoyed immensely but it did get very political at times with peter and some of the other battle school grads, but it is good to see he outgrows his fierce mean streak.

The back trilogy, is all ender and valentine, and its very late 80's scifi esq. I enjoyed them but not nearly as much as the shadow series. But it is good to see how ender continued on his path. I did find them hard to jump into because the first bit of the series doesnt start with ender.

The stand alone in my opinion is ender in exile, it does tie enders game to speaker for the dead. This book i would actually recommend reading last as if you have read all the others you will see hints of things from the other books. It was interesting to see how ender spent his time on the way to the planet he begins on in speaker, but it wasnt my favorite book either. I did enjoy being back in ender's world after so long, and i did also really like the insight into his mind and how he thinks and outsmarts others.

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I don't think I'll read more of the series, but very glad to have read this one. So question - what age range do you think the book is geared for?
I read it for the first time at 15 or 16 and thought it was appropriate for me at the time, however i always had a slightly below average reading level growing up. I would definitely classify it as YA even though it didnt really exist when this book was written. The standard rule is the age range for the book is usually geared at the age of the main character in the story, but this is not a hard fast rule and probably isnt the case because this was written before ya really existed like it does today, and also taking into account that the main character is a child genius. So that in mind depending on the reader id say 12-13 is probably the youngest if they are an advanced reader. But im certainly not an expert there.

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