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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by gertiekeddle View Post
I agree on this. The snippets we got from Snape's memory about their interaction seem to show that on the one hand Dumbledore didn't approve on all actions Snape did (beginning with asking for Lily's life only), on the other hand Snape did not fully agree on what some have called the manipulating parts of Dumbledore still when he agreed on killing him and let Harry die as well. (Its another discussion if Dumbledore really ever wanted Harry to die though).

When two people share such a huge secret (from Snape's never ending passion to Lily to their both knowledge on Snape being a spy over more than a decade), they have to become close and important to each other. They have to respect what the other does to a certain amount I think. But I also believe Snape's and Dumbeldore's relation showed that this still can be a rather professional relation. I think we see Snape showing Dumbledore great respect in many scenes, but I also miss - in order to be able to call their relation father/son-like - Snape accepting perhaps the most important lesson Dumbeldore learned himself as young man and lived after it ever then... showing similar respect to everyone as long as they did not prove themselves actually doing things which only prejudices contained before.
Normally, I would agree with your take on this, it makes sense. However, how could Dumbledore acting as a mentor ask his beloved underling, Snape to kill him - knowing it would doom him to death? And leave everyone believing Snape was an evil, loyal Death Eater to his death? That makes me doubt the closeness of the relationship between Dumbledore and Snape. I don't Dumbledore was like a mentor at all, more like a leader and Snape one of his many pawns/soldiers.

Dumbledore shared secrets with everyone that no one else knew about. As we saw in DH, he met with Kingsley and Remus and Kingsley asked Remus to tell him what was said in that meeting, knowing that only Remus would know because it was a secret between them and Dumbledore. Harry and Dumbledore shared secrets and I am certian Dumbldore did that with everyone working with him. So the fact that Dumbledore kept Snape's secret does not mean they had to be close under the circumstances.

Dumbledore used any and everybody he could to bring down Voldemort - that was the greater good he was chasing. I don't think he allowed himself to get particularlly close to Snape or anyone else with the exception of Harry and possibly Minerva.

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