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Re: Monty Python

Originally Posted by Mad_Druid View Post
Ah! cool. I found The Brand New Monty Python Paperbok in an op-shop one day, near perfect condition, all of the lift-outs still in it and everything.

Has anybody else seen the 'lost' German episodes?
Yeah i have actually. they did the 1st one entirely in german, including the lumberjack song. pythons speaking german = priceless. the 2nd episode they did in english, then got it dubbed in german but i've seen the english version.

my favourite part was probably the lumberjack song in german. :P and also the german restaurant sketch, and this one scene where cleese runs hand in hand with chapman, complete with slow-motion and a huge fake nose on graham... tho im not sure whether ive seen it in there or some other english episodes.

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