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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I promised myself I would not even try to check if the forums were active, or if people were discussing this or not...yeah, I could not help myself.

Here is what I need to get out of my chest, already got it out on face but, muggles are clueless about these, so no one can give me hope.

1.I am scared this new installment will ruin my favorite story.With this darkess will come from unexpected places, I am afraid they will go Kylo Wren on us.

2.okay, maybe I am over reacting, but I would not be pleased if Albus goes dark wizard on us, I am entitled to my opinion right ? I would hate that.Unless, the story told us about his doubts, the pressure of being Harry's son and how his friends, Rose and Scorpious help him find the right path...I am being cheesy , right? I dont care.

3. I am hoping, since according to Jo, it should be regarded as canon, that is stays true to the message that love is the greatest and most powerful magic of all.

There, those thought have been consuming my soul for the past days, finally voiced them out.

Its good this place is still around, even if not so active

Originally Posted by Phane00 View Post
Finally! There truly needed to be a forum for this play. Thanks for starting this.

First of all... to Ms. Rowling, No! Leave Harry alone. His story, and his family's story was done after book 7. That does not mean that I wanted to leave the Magical World, just leave Harry out of any stories other than the occasional nod. Stick to bits like what she did at Pottermore during the World Cup with Ginny Weasley and Rita Skeeter.
Good, I am not the only one who feels this way.


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