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Re: Harry Potter Theme Park v.2

Originally Posted by Snuffy View Post
Ya, the park itself had to close due to compacity this week. It also happened at Disney world a couple times. We avoided the parks for *** most part this week cause of the crowds. Except for Christmas, we went to Epcot.

As for the dragon challenge. Its a redone ride so a lot of locals skips it. But another reason why the ride lines aren't a long is because the trains move so fast. On the busiest of busy days that ride can keep people moving through.

FYI for people who are going to Universal after this week. The crowds should die off and the park should be pretty empty until spring break.
This is true. And I will add that this is what theme parks are like on break with new things in them xD. Normally during the holiday season the parks are busy anyway, but with Potter here, it's hugely busy right now. If you go right after New Years it will be very empty. All break times are busy as is, because of vacations. I suggest not going during any vacation season anytime soon. Other parks would probably be alright, but with Potter, I can picture it being very busy again this season...

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