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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by Moriath View Post
Reminder: Whoever feels the need to tell other posters to reread and/or rewatch anything to be able to discuss the HBP movie with them
Which should segue into a new topic presented by me!

Been how long since HBP is out? Dunno, not caring enough to look it up. However what I do care about is that the hype and anticipation is gone now and like the old saying goes, "Hunger is the best spice," so therefore now that all of us consumed HBP; in hindsight has anyone's opinion of the film changed?

Has anyone seen HBP as of recent? Does it hold up at all? Why I ask this is due to reading all the criticism and details about HBP, it sort of made me reflect on the film after it was out of my headspace for a while. Especially after watching other films post HBP release. Granted for a few of opinions changed after years between viewings or over the years; but considering on this board how much of a supernova comet HBP was made out to be; I'm just wondering if it's cinematic flame is holding true or has it fizzled out faster than a sparkler in some people's opinions. While we aren't anticipating HBP anymore. I'm sure anticipating this new line of discussion!

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