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ABC Family's Versions of the HP movies

Greetings all.
I am new to Muggle net, and am very glad to be part of this group. As many of you may know ABC Family will be airing Harry Potter films beginning tonight at 7.30pm (EST). I have seen ABC Family's version of the Sorcerer's Stone and I wanted to invite you all to watch it. This version as approx. 30 mins of film not on the DVD. There is a scene of Dudley in his Smelting uniform, Aunt P. cracking open eggs with Harry's letter's in them, Harry and Hagrid on the train to London ect. Many of these additional scenes are important to the movie, and some are just Fun. If you have Time please check it out I would love to talk about the differences in this version to the DVD. The Sorcerer's Stone will air on Saturday @ 12.30pm (EST) as well.

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