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Re: Movies that scared you when you were a kid?

Originally Posted by mariebeth83 View Post
Jurassic Park 1 scared me so much that for months I was convinced that dinosaurs were alive and were going to get me at night - the only thing that consoled me was that my sister slept nearer the window so they'd get her first so I might have time to escape! I've never told her about that!
I used to be sooooo scared of my garage because of the scene with the velosaraptors. Even though I knew they were extinct, I couldn't get over the feeling one was going to jump out from under a car or something.

The movie that scared me the most was Twister. I only saw the very beginning and the very end-- basically the two scariest scenes in the movie (when the girl's father dies and when they get sucked into an F5 tornado). I live in Indiana, which is known for its great natural weather (), and became even more deathly afraid of tornadoes. I still don't like to watch that movie. We had to watch it in my high school composition class, and I sat there petrified throughout the entire thing.


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