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Originally Posted by DarkDaysAhead
I hope I'm putting this in the right place...

Could someone tell me why my sig was edited? I didn't get a warning PM and I can't quite figure out what was wrong with it...All it said was "One of the original Horcrux Hunters" and it had a link to a thread on another site where I regularly discuss Harry Potter. It's just a name we gave ourselves on that site because we're just a small group of people discussing HP despite the bashing. Don't tell me it was the name... It wasn't the link was it?

*Mumbles to herself* It couldn't have was just to one thread...and there wasn't anything bad in it. I mean, that site is monitored just as well as this one...

I'd like to let everyone know, though, that I didn't put that link in there thinking it was offensive and I, obviously, didn't know it was...nor do I know now which is why I'm asking. Will this be held against me?
Because of "Horcrux" to unfortunate squabbling, there are new guidelines regarding Horcruxes and siggies---which can be found here...
If you break the rules, you will get a 1 point warning and that will be your ONLY warning. You will be allowed to continue posting in the Horcrux thread.
Should you break the Horcrux rules again you will be issued 4 warning points and instantly banned, no warning.
Important: Please ensure your signature does not contain any kind of support to one group or mocks in any way an opposing idea relating to the Horcrux threads. This ensures fair play when debating. You are welcome to have your societies off site.
These terms are non-negotiable. If you find you cannot accept them you should avoid the official sticky threads.

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