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Re: Comment on: CoS Forums Closure

Originally Posted by Midnightsfire View Post
While I understand and share the concerns, let's not spit at the hand that keeps the site from plunging into the abyss...just yet.
Quite honestly I'd rather spit in Emerson's face than be a part of his Umbridge inspired takeover shenanigans in trying to reincarnate/revive COS. Where was Mugglenet 6 months ago? Where were they a year ago? Two years ago? 10 years ago? Fact is the Harry Potter fandom has moved on. COS was a great community where many of us made many great friendships, had many great times, and spent years building that community. To have someone come in at the last second and try to string it along when they played no active role in it, quite honestly is insulting, cheap, and a clear demonstration that the have no idea what COS was or had become over the many years. Emerson and his cronies aren't interested in saving the community, they are only interested in the profit it may bring them if they take it over.

Think I'm wrong? just look at what a deluded mess Mugglenet has become over the years.

I am exceptionally offended and angry by Emerson's shenanigans carelessly stomping on my opportunity to grieve with and for a community that I loved being a member.

Trying to shock a dead horse back into life doesn't work. It only emits a terrible odor.

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