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Re: Have you ever got really angry/offended at a book?

One book that particularly offended me (although I quite liked the book in general) is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I was quite disgusted by the innate racism and classism present in the writer's psyche. The representation of Indian ayahs as emotionless objects who contributed to the Mary's bad upbringing wasn't nice. The India-bashing was quite prominent and I hated how spoiled, rude, India-grown Mary needed to come into "respectable", white, English surroundings to become a good person. At first, I thought Mary's racism would be presented as part of her early brattiness. I was let down, however, when she was never cured of it - rather, everyone blamed her bad behavior on the fact that she grew up in India where there are, I quote, "a lot of blacks there instead of respectable white people." It was pretty insulting. What's even worse is that this is supposed to be a children's book. The fact that these were the sort of messages instilled in children in those times is kinda scary, really.


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