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Re: How long have you been a fan of Harry Potter?

hmm. for as long as I can remember i have known what Harry Potter was, when the Philosophers Stone came out i was 6, and i remember borrowing the video off my Great Auntie and watching it every single day, and then i was 7 when the Chamber Of Secrets came out and i remember going to the cinema with my best friend at the time to see it and being terrified of the Basilisk aha! i read the books after that non-stop and loving them- when the Deathly Hallows first came out in book form i went out the day of release and bought it, i think i went to see Deathly Hallows part 1 in the cinema like, 5 times? something like yeah, i would certainly consider myself a 'potterhead' i am quite distraught it is over to be honest haha no one really gets my fascination with it but i quite literally love it

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