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Re: How long have you been a fan of Harry Potter?

I have officially been a Harry Potter fan since the first film came out!
The book was read to use in class when I was in school, but I did not understand it *lack of English* and had very short attention span, so never really got into it... ..Then the first film came out and mum took me to see it. I was reluctant to see it at first but after seeing it, I absolutely fell in love with it....Then came the ultimate obsession and for years and years, I bored my parents and everyone to death talking non-stop about it, reading the books, watching films over and over again
I was living in The Philippines at the time, so could not go to midnight releases or anything until I moved to England in 2004 then I would obsessively queue up, dress up and be the first in line for the films and going to the premieres. I was in holiday at Canada during HBP review and even queued up there obsessively with my mum then spent the next 2 days solid reading the book. My mum was also a fan, too and we had constant battles in the family as to who read the book first and hurrying each other up...until the good idea came we bought our own separate book
Wahaa,I have gone way off on a tangent here..So I guess the main answer is I grew up with Harry, of the Harry Potter generation and even though the series may be 'finished', in my heart they will live on to eternity!

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