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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Guess I'm not the only one then

Originally Posted by yoshi2542 View Post
It would have been cool if the horcrux had kind of twisted them as well, given them a more angular shape and maybe changed the colour. I imagined a cluster of stalactites clustered around the pedestal, with the outer ones brightly coloured and regular shaped, and the more central ones blackened and warped, looking as if they're reaching for the locket.
This would've been perfect As it was, those crystals looked totally random to me, and more like big chunks of plexiglass than anything natural. It wouldn't have taken much for the art department to do as you described, and effectively conveyed a sense of menace. I get the impression that Stuart Craig is more comfortable with buildings and man made structures rather than natural environments. If so, certain scenes in DH may suffer.

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