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Re: Which do you prefer: Studio music or Live music?

Originally Posted by Melaszka View Post
I like people who do something completely different live to what they do on their records, but some people hate that. I used to have a friend who got very upset if bands she saw live didn't play the songs exactly how they are on the album, which I could never really understand - why spend all that money seeing them live when you could just play the CD at home?
Haha, I agree! There are gems that are born from live shows you can't find in LPs and there are songs that sound much better performed live! It's a great treat for fans (who get too obsessive, like me XD) and for newcomers.

My favorite would have to be Sufjan's Chicago (Live @ Austin City Limits). You can hear the original song here, and both are very beautiful, despite the vast differences to the sound and the instrumentation.

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