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Re: Ultimate Collection Editions

Originally Posted by JLTucker View Post
The Ultimate Collector's Editions should have three discs. One disc should be the theatrical cut, and one should be the cut with the deleted scenes added in, hopefully with new ones. The third disc should be packed with at least three hours of bonus features. These films should have had extras like the ones in the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition sets. I'm sorry, but the inclusion of audition tapes is not enough to justify the $25.99 Amazon is charging for the first two films, let alone the $35.99 for Blu-Ray. Speaking of the Blu-Ray releases, the transfers for the first two films need to be redone because they look really bad in high definition. It looks no better than DVD.
considering the fact that i originally bought CoS and hte rest of the movies except SS/PS for $18-$20 each, that sounds extremely cost efficient


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