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Re: Fan-Fiction Discussion (Including Harry Potter Fan-Fiction)

Another thing I can't stand about fanfiction is summaries that say something along the lines of, "I suck at summaries but plz read this!!!" Or authors that say "I must have 110 reviews before I post another story."

Originally Posted by Dandinigirl13 View Post
[b]Totally. I hate cliches and poor spelling and grammar!

Now, this may seem odd to you guys but out of canon stuff doesn't bother me. I dunno why...

It's just, it's their fanfiction, they can do whatever they like with the world they're using. No matter how many people write the fanfics it will never rival JKR's stuff in any way, so I see it as an opportunity for an author to mould the world they're writing about to adjust it into their own plotline. It should'nt be such a big deal imo...

But JKR will never be rivalled by a fic!
I'm just so picky so I need things to be in canon. So I don't want to read about the Marauders having some unknown person as the Transfiguration professor when it's supposed to be McGonagall.

What bothers me most about going outside of canon is when the characters are OOC. It's the main reason why I avoid anything in the trio's era; they butcher the characters. I've been unfortunate to have read some stories describe Hermione as a seductive, materialistic person rather than who she is. I can't stand it.

The only thing that I see as going a bit too far in the 'out of canon' area would to have say, Harry in the marauders era or something...'cause that's slightly impossible. If a person was alive in that time period I don't see it as annyoing or there's anything wrong with 'tweaking' it a bit..'s not real, after all.
That actually falls under another category of fanfiction - AU, Alternate Universe. I can handle reading AU, but I never read crossovers or anything that has my basic pet peeves (grammar, spelling, & characterization errors).

OOC? Is that original characters? I don't mind them either... I perfer the author to have introduced something new to the world. But then again it's a matter of opinion...
OOC means out of character.


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