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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

Originally Posted by Tapperking View Post
Personally, I think it will be the "Seven Potters" scene, especially the Voldemort chase part.
I agree about the first part. For the latter it will be hard to see what's happening in the dark. They changed the dementor scene in movie 5 to be during the day. I would have made it look like night-vision goggles, since enough people know that by now, remember Silence of the Lambs? It could have been a movie convention -green means dark of night.

Anyway, I loved it when Harry was concerned about them all stripping down. I can't wait to see Harry in Fleur and Hermione's underwear (if the former wears any). And don't forget the scene from book 4: "I like a bit of air 'round my privates, thanks." Imagine if Fred and George felt the same way! If Radcliffe is keen to go nude on stage, then this scene is clearly written for him!

Unfortunately, the funniest scenes in the book, IMHO never get in the movies. They come up with something else like "Is that what my *** looks like from the back?"

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