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Re: Which Deathly Hallows scene will be the best movie scene?

Ginny/Harry and Ron/Hermione kisses! Mrs Weasleys duel with Bellatrix and her brilliant line of not my daugther u b****! Definaly the final battle at hogwarts, the kings cross stuff, the final battle, neville killing nagini, of course harrys sacrifice. And Harry entering the forest with his parents and sirius.

I think it will depend on the director. I really like the way OotP was done i have seen it twice and it is by far the best movie yet. I liked how he directed you could really feel the darker tone. I think that if the same director coudl stay on he would do a geat job with DH. Will be interesting to see how they do with HBP!

Will: Will you marry me?
Elizebeth: I dont think now is the best time.
Will: This may be the only time, i love you, I have made my choice now make yours.
Elizebeth: Barbosa marry us.
(best movie scene ever!)


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