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Re: Kudos and Applause for this site...

I don't really remember when I first started reading these forums (I had an account previously once upon a time, but never posted...then I didn't come on for months and I forgot the password, and it never came through in email). I've been posting with this account for about a year and a half now, if I remember correctly...but only actively in the past year. CoS is seriously one of the only 100% literate forums that I've seen that, I meen 2 say taht their is basicly no cht spk at al (ah, that was painful), and the intelligent discussions far outnumber the pointless ones (which are pretty much nonexistent here). It's a nice change from the typical internet forum. I also really like how there are no ads and whatnot...who really wants to be bombarded with ads from online dating services while reading a forum? The family-friendliness, for lack of a better word, is also a bonus...unlike some people my age, I don't have the desire to hear (or in this case, see, I suppose) people insert curse words into their dialogue at every possible moment. Overall, CoS has become a (big, now that it's summer) part of my daily routine. I also have to thank this forum, in particular Magical Masterpieces, for sparking my graphics design hobby...I most likely would never have picked it up if it weren't for this forum.

So, kudos and applause for the staff (and members, too) of CoS!

I have decided that it was time to make a comeback...hey, Michael Jackson's doing it, why not?
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