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Re: Narcissa Malfoy: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by mexicant View Post
Like many of you, Narcissa really grew on me in DH. I think it was just mainly that her love for her family was her first priority, even surpassing her own self-preservation, that made me start to really like her. I think she was someone who had many wrong ideas, though was perhaps not wholly a bad person because of it, but when things came down to the wire she had her heart and her head in the right place. Perhaps the only thing those sisters had in common was giving everything they had for the person they loved - in Narcissa's case it was her husband and later (and more fiercely for) her son, for Andromeda it was Ted Tonks, and for Bellatrix I believe it was Voldemort. There was nothing Bella wouldn't have done for him, and I think that the sisters all had that in common - there was nothing they wouldn't have done for the ones they loved.
I was also touched at the tenderness she showed to Harry when feeling to see if he was really dead. I think if it had been Bellatrix we would have seen much rougher behavior. I think that as much trouble as Harry had caused to her family she was still saddened to see him go, and was being gentle to what she probably though was just a dead body. That moment in itself really gives us insight into who she was as a person, in my opinion.
Great post mex

I do wonder whether Cissy was made to check on Harry in part because she had a son the same age - part of LV's slow torture? It was a stupid decision to have her check, though, she was the only one there who would lie to LV.

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