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Re: Fred & George Weasley: Character Analysis

1. How do you think Fred and George reacted to the consequences of Draco's use of their Peruvian Darkness Powder in HBP?

They were prolly annoyed and somewhat guilt-stricken over the idea. Of course, they had no way of knowing their merchandise would be used in such a way, because there definitely could have been good uses of the powder - it could have potentially saved someone's life, even. And in the end, it wasn't the only thing that contributed to Draco's succes in getting the Death Eaters in; so many little factors came into play, too. But I'm sure after this they watched more carefully who bought their products.

2. Fred and George played some rather cruel jokes earlier in the series, do you feel that they have matured since then? Do you believe they regret some of their earlier actions?

They might have regretted a few things here and there, but not much, IMO. Most of the jokes they played on people were received in good humour, so they really were just pranksters. Of course, there were certain incidents like the vanishing cabinets that definitely weren't received with laughs, but I do think the twins eventually grew out of that when they left Hogwarts. They started using their humour to lift people's spirits in dark times, and even had some inventive products that were truly helpful (like the products the Ministry bought off them).

3. What do you think of the twins reaction to Percy's return in DH?

I thought it was great. They were the quickest to say bad things about Percy when he left, but they were also the quickest to take him back in when he returned. I love that they could look past all the troubles they went through in the previous years and joke with Percy. Shows how the twins really lived for the moment and not the past.

4. What do you think of the twins decision to join the Order and the fight at Hogwarts? Did they consider the consequences of their actions or were they acting rashly?

I think they knew fully well what they were getting themselves into when they went to fight. They were definitely of age by that point, and despite not having finished their education at Hogwarts, they were really quite skilled: just look at all they were capable of creating for their joke shop. I think it was nice that they went to help fight.

Do you think George's loss of an ear made them understand the danger more than they did before?

Probably, yes - before that, they'd escaped everything pretty much unhurt, and so this brutal injury would be a snap back to reality. Though at the same time as scaring them, it probably gave them more of a will to fight back.

Though this moment was a beautiful one for the twins (especially George): losing an ear and that much blood would definitely traumatize some people, and they'd go on and on about it for days, wallowing in self-pity. But George woke and cracked a joke about it. He didn't pity himself, he didn't let it ruin his life, he moved on instantly and found some humour in it. That takes a lot of strength of character to do, and I admire him so much for it. I mean, I loved the twins before, but after DH they really became two of my favourites, right after the Marauders.

5. How do you think George will cope with the loss of Fred? Will he continue the joke shop without his twin?

He would definitely continue the joke shop, and we know that from Jo herself. As I mentioned with the ear incident, George was capable of moving on and spreading humour despite his own losses, and that was an amazing thing about him. The loss of Fred would be the most devastating thing that could ever happen to him, and of course it would be loads more difficult to get past than losing his ear, but I'm sure George would pull through. He certainly did move on enough to have a life (have a wife and kids), and I'm sure that's what Fred would have wanted.

As a side note, I love all the fanart showing Fred hanging out with George's ear up in heaven.


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