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Re: Fred & George Weasley: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by hermy_weasley2 View Post
Welcome to the post-DH discussion of the Weasley twins. Previous discussion without spoilers can be found here: Fred & George Weasley: Character Analysis

1. How do you think Fred and George reacted to the consequences of Draco's use of their Peruvian Darkness Powder in HBP?
I actually never thought about it. I bet F&G were mad and made a vow (not an unbreakable one!) to never sell any product to enemies, especially Death Eaters and dark wizards!
2. Fred and George played some rather cruel jokes earlier in the series, do you feel that they have matured since then? Do you believe they regret some of their earlier actions?
Yes, I think they have matured and know what kind of audience to play jokes on. I don't know if they regret anything they do, though, since it leads them to where they are and running a joke shop is what they want to do!
3. What do you think of the twins reaction to Percy's return in DH?
It's typical of the twins.
4. What do you think of the twins decision to join the Order and the fight at Hogwarts? Did they consider the consequences of their actions or were they acting rashly? Do you think George's loss of an ear made them understand the danger more than they did before?
I think they understood the danger, but the idea of doing something like this was probably very tempting and thought of that more than the danger.
5. How do you think George will cope with the loss of Fred? Will he continue the joke shop without his twin?
George will continue the joke shop without Fred, because he'll realize that's what Fred wants him to do (and Rowling tells us Ron helps him out, so yeah...). George will never be fully whole again, but he'll learn to cope.


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