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Re: Future Novels in the Harry Potter World.

Originally Posted by Writes_Often View Post
I would be happy with Marauders or Next Gen. I love them both and they would be interesting stories to me. Has anyone read the James Potter Series?
I started the Hall of Elders' Crossing but was totally disappointed when I found out it was about Harry's son and not Harry's father. It seemed decent to me but I'm still stuck in my disappointment and so haven't picked it up again. =^/

I would like a maruader-era prequel most, personally. James vs. Snape vying for Lily's love, plus three stories, one for each of James and Lily's defiances of Voldemort. Also, it'd be cool to have a year by year chronically the first war as they grew up at Hogwarts, how James, Sirius and Peter discovered Remus's secret, how Snape was drawn into the proto-DE group and how he became a DE himself and rationalized this desire with his love for Lily... There are so many possibilities there it's unbelievable! =^D

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