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Re: Future Novels in the Harry Potter World.

I would love a book about the trio after the war- how they coped, their jobs and careers, married life, their relationships etc. It doesn`t need to be a series, just one book would be awesome! I would also love it if it narrated by lots of different characters as well and not just Harry`s voice. I`d love to get inside Ron and Hermione`s head as well as Neville and Luna`s.

I would also love to read anything about the next generation- I`m thinking it would be centered around Al, Rose and presumably Scorpius. I get the feeling that Rose and Scorpius`s relationship would kinda resemble Ron and Hermione`s. I`m sure they`d bicker all the time!

A book about Dumbledore and his life would also be great, and Snape as well.

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