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Re: Are we too old for Harry Potter?

It is so exciting to read the "HP generation"!

Again I was the age of Harry when the books were released. I remember the feverish excitement when each book was released. Almost daring to dream I was reading what a close friend had been doing over the last year.

I think it is clear that although PS and CoS were younger books, as the series progressed it managed to fit in acutely adult issues, but that were still in a way that were accessible to younger people. The series manages to deal with things like the sudden death of someone you love in a way that makes you understand the pain, whilst still remaining in the context of life going on, and it being a way to enhance your character rather than collapse.

I remember at the time there was talk of Harry being "too angry" in the latter books. I think looking back now we can recognise that was the result of someone mentally aging well beyond their years. The truth was we had to see the enormity of the final chapters to understand why that was so imperative.

If someone approaches the series with an open mind it is impossible not to grow as a person.

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