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Re: Are we too old for Harry Potter?

My Great Aunt always said that having nieces/nephews was a great excuse to stand around reading in the childrens' section. I wholly agree. I also enjoy reading some old favorites to young folks I babysit. (Please do not give "hello Kitty" books to children. Those excuses for books will corrode their brains!) I don't think I'll ever tire of imagining myself in Molly's kitchen, or attending Hogwarts.

Perhaps authors (real ones, not soulless promoters of copyright toy characters) have to work a bit harder on good stories and characters for Young Adult books, since they can't just rely on prurient content.
Speaking of YA literature, the hubbie of a colleague just wrote this. I liked it:

Young Adult novel (for teens) called the Serpent King was released on March 8. The Serpent King
A sample of the book if you want to read a part of it to see what you think!

Oh, BTW. I guess most of you know that JRR Tolkien had to argue with his publisher to get Hobbit not published as childrens' fiction? As soon as they saw "elves" they just knew Hobbit was a kids' book. Can you imagine most young'uns slogging through the complexities of LOTR? I keep having to look names up in Silmarillion just to stay on the right track! So I summarize: Age is a state of mind, and "young adult" is a suggestion.


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