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Re: Pottermore v.12

Originally Posted by BronzeDragon View Post
Which cauldron are you using? I was very confused on my first (and thankfully only attempt at Polyjuice part II) because everyone was saying 18 hours to brew - but that's with the copper cauldron. Polyjuice part II takes 24 hours exactly with the pewter cauldron.
I've used both the pewter and copper. I seem to have less trouble figuring out when 24 hours is over than 18 hours.

And, yeah, part II was a LOT easier than part I - my big problem with part I was putting lacewing flies into the mortar, because the bottle tended to tip while dragging it back and forth. (The heating wasn't fun either, but that was only about 2-3 failed efforts on part I vs. a good 5-6 because of lacewings.) Gripping the lacewing bottle by the middle and tipping very carefully worked for me on that.
I finally ended up tipping over the bottle of lacewing flies and letting them fall on the table. I picked one up that was hanging onto the rim of the bottle and dropped it into the cauldron. Success - finally! I just could not seem to pour the lacewings slowly enough to get only one to fall.


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