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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

What bothered me:-

- The inclusion of the ruined part of Voldemort's soul, at King's Cross. I loathe the disturbing image of the 'flayed baby' in the book, and I thought its inclusion in the film was unnecessary - it was gross.

- The ending was weirdly muted. I wanted a more cathartic, triumphant conclusion to a ten year franchise. It was too downbeat.

- If you're not going to include Ariana's backstory, there's no point in including her, period. As nice as her portrait was!

- I dislike how Harry only finds out the truth about Snape through sheer, dumb luck. This is not the fault of the film-makers though - they merely replicated a problem I have with the book. I just think that both Snape and Harry deserved better.

I liked the film, by the way. . But, yep, these things did bother me!

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