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Re: Moderation of threads

Miss Eliza,

As the poster of the message in question, I would very much prefer that you did not leave the site. You seem relatively active, quite happy here other than some decisions, and fairly well-liked. I for one think that your leaving would be a disservice to both yourself and the site. All perspectives are necessary.

Additionally, as the poster towards whom much of Eliza's last post's bitterness is directed, due to misreading of my post with the potential to offend her, I would like to appeal her ban as well. The fault lies as much with me as with her. I don't think her post on the Snape thread justified a ban. Plenty of others have said Snape is one-dimensional on that thread who haven't faced a ban, nor is there a rule under which they deserve to.

The discussion of music tastes on Snape's thread, like his artistic taste, was proposed not as a "fangirl" move (at least one of the other posters and I are both men), but because it adds an additional dimension to his character. Notice how the discussion thereof included debate about whether he would indulge his melancholy, avoid tunes that would too strongly remind him of his turmoil, etc. I would enjoy very much seeing how every character's tastes reflected who they are, including Sirius in particular. We had also just been reflecting on his teaching patterns at length, including debate on personality vs. style, with several including some of his fans mentioning that he taught poorly. I myself admitted that he only *would* have been a good teacher had his personality changed.

I would also like an opportunity to elaborate on my post for your sake, set as "spoiler" to differentiate it from the central purpose of this post:

Spoiler: show
I did not say being "a" schoolyard bully was worse than being "a" genodical dictator. I said that the former's collective has a worse impact on humanity than the latter. This isn't belittling the impact of dictators; rather, it's emphasizing the impact of bullies, which is too often belittled in itself. There are relatively few genocidal dictators and hundreds of millions of bullies. Can you show that they don't have a worse impact? Genocidal dictators rob millions of people of their lives, but bullies rob hundreds of millions of their livelihood and sometimes lives, and unlike with the relatively tame James and Sirius, it doesn't often end in adulthood. They force those people to spend their youth and frequently their entire lives literally wishing they'd never been born. There are worse things than death (Dumbledore said that!) and one of them is a hellish life. Bullying itself has also led to the deaths of millions of people through both murder and suicide, while destroying the quality of life for the majority of the remainder.

I also missed the racism on the Snape thread, and in fact fail to see how a person can go from talking about Snape to saying anything racist. Racism tends to imply a person has a problem with a particular race. If there were such a post I would object to it as well. Also, were there any real bullying on that thread of people for disliking Snape, I would tell the person off myself, for they make other Snape fans look bad. I have not seen any, however. I'm also missing the Dumbledore-and-Winky bashing. I think it may help to quote some specific cases to help both the mods and myself better see your point.

As for the "site" in question, if you even want to call it that, I've seen it myself. It's easy to find on Google. It's not so much a site as a small community of people who were banned from Livejournal for being too dumb and too intolerant of independent thought, and started a variant on another site, on an account where the name, mission statement and slogan are all stated in ways that befit the immaturity, extremely shallow analysis, lacking elaboration, inability to analyze anything within context or even to interpret a sentence correctly, and pitiful critical-thinking skills of its posters. Nobody could ever take that "site" seriously except for its own bloggers.

If the mods indulge my request to reverse the ban in question, I hope you will return and make your case eloquently. Who knows, you may help someone to see a fresh new perspective that they hadn't considered before. Even if not, it's not right to deprive yourself of community with people with whom you're well acquainted due merely to a single thread for a character you don't even like.

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