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Re: Moderation of threads

Originally Posted by eliza101 View Post
I am banned for saying that Snape is one dimensional.

We generally don't discuss measures on members in public for privacy reasons, but if you really want to I'm happy to repeat that you were temporarily forum-banned for ignoring a moderator's request to drop a topic for the sake of keeping a thread discussion alive. That's what you were told by staff and we didn't lie about it.

You were not banned, because you posted your opinion. The content of the post was fine, it was the topic itself what was just asked to be avoided and so - for particular during the activity of the Hot Zone Policy - got us only one possibility to act.

The general matter: CoS staff consists of several members from five continents with different backgrounds, different age ranking from 20 to 70 and as such with highly controversial opinions about Snape (as also other topics).

I'm always open for critiques on our moderation style. I'm aware that we're more stern than many other forum's staffs. But I'm also convinced that it is actually impossible that we ban a topic not being 'of our opinion' since we simply hardly agree on anything among ourselves - no matter how easy this explanations seems to appear for many members.

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