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Re: U.S. Second Amendment: post-Heller

Originally Posted by OldLupin View Post
Are you suggesting that the it is unrealistic to worry that the government might indeed round up registered weapons if they had such a tool at their disposal? Why is that unrealistic? If memory serves it has happened elsewhere and been a pretty efficient way of removing privately held weapons when the state has desired to do so.
Just a note on how other countries look at gun possession, a grandmother was found with a old WW2 pistol under her bed, she had never fired it, had no ammo for it and had merely taken possession of it from her father when he died. Despite all this Scots law says unauthorised gun ownership comes with an automatic 5 year jail term which is exactly what she got. Just an interesting comparison.


(Am right in thinking this is the only gun law thread? My search didn't bring up anything else)

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