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Re: Comments on: Technical Issues

Originally Posted by deathly721 View Post
Purplehawk, FluerduJardin/mal, and Fawkesfan- my problem's finally stopped. I'm hoping your's have too? I'm having no trouble posting now. Admins- If you fixed it, good job!

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this- A couple days ago, the total post amount was about 999,900. The next time I came on, it was down to about 998,000. This doesn't really matter, it's just funny that post counts can't go over a million.
Yes, I seem to be OK now, thanks, Deathly. At least my two last posts went through without my having to try several times then give up out of frustration. For me the problem happened yesterday late morning-early afternoon - I was busy and I gave up pretty quickly. Today, it started OK then I ran into the same problem again.

I don't know whether this problem is related, but in the "Novella" forum, where post count is off and you are the only one who can respond to yourself - which means that the double-post rule doesn't apply, you're allowed to post right after yourself, since no one else but an admin can - I got my posts "merged" like in the "regular" forums. Very strange (and frustrating!)

Oh that's very interesting, Deathly, about the total post amount. Do you think that is what caused the problem? Like all those we expected for Y2K but never happened? Are we going to run into the same problem when we get up near 1 million again?

Anyway - for the time being things seem to be back to normal - Thanks, techies!!

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