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Re: Comments on: Technical Issues

Originally Posted by IchLiebeGeorge View Post
You might also be posting in Quick Reply, rather than the Advanced Post.
It seems to me that even in Quick Reply you can post smilies. The smilie board might not be there, but you can still make a smilie appear by typing its name in between colons. Or a semi-colon and a close parenthesis for "wink", a colon and a close parenthesis for "smile", etc.

You got me curious, let me try a quick reply after I post this. It will appear just under this, not in a separate post, but this is where my Advanced Post ends.

Testing smilies in Quick Reply:

Second quick reply: It worked!

Originally Posted by Graduand_Esk View Post
This may just be a problem with my computer, but I thought I'd flag it up anyway. One of the posts I submitted yesterday has completely disappeared from the thread it was in, but I haven't received any owls about it so I can't work out what might have happened. Help!
That happened to me too. Sometimes it happens because you're off-topic or have used some strong words. Sometimes it happens for no reason I, a lowly second-year, can figure out. There is no warning by owl in those cases, I believe.

There's no warning when a whole thread that you started is deleted either, for that matter.

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