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Re: CoS Forums & MuggleNet Viewing Habbits

I usually visit both Mugglenet & CoS at least once a day, usually more. Mugglenet would be my homepage...if my parents let me (due to the fact that it would be their homepage as well...ergh) During the school year I start to neglect to come on CoS very often, and I rarly have much time to post (thanks to sports & piles of hw). But I always check Mugglenet for news. Mugglenet & CoS are definatly my most visited pages... Ugh...i wish there was more time in the day...

here's an idea I'll just throw it at you
let's say the sweetest man in all existence was brutalized
so you could be with Him marred more than any man,
humiliated in public (Isaiah 53:3-12, John 19:17-37)
you'd think that's enough but is it, but is it?
let's pretend all you had to do was ask Him in (Romans 10:9)
how much easier could that possibly be? -DISCIPLE

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