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Originally Posted by Evita82
I have a suggestion that is completely random and probably induced by my cold medicine, anyway. I've noticed that lots of new members will start up threads in the Great Hall area introducing themselves. The description for someone who is just coming in and really doesnt know the flow of things around here could very well take is that they are suppose to (or able to) introduce themselves there in a new thread. Perhaps a different description of that forum would lessen the amount of threads like that. Again, this is probably the cold medicine talking, just thought I'd throw it out there.
To add to Evita's idea, wouldn't it be helpful to make a sticky thread in the Great Hall with a sort of guide about the various forums, something like "The Guide to CoS Forums"?
I have noticed that some newbies who start introduction threads ask for some more information on the different forums. Of course there are already descriptions but some might be confusing to new members. Also new members tend to overlook the FAQ and CoS Forum Rules.
So this guide could give useful links about the difference between forums like the Leaky Cauldron and the DOMIC. Included could be links to the Search Tutorial, Signature Hosting thread, A Guide To Posting on CoS Forums and the Wizengamot for any questions.

It might be time consuming to make but it could help a lot of new members, it's a big forum after all.

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