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Originally Posted by vapormist I am, with my suggestion to eat up more of the Mods' valuable time!
I don't really think that the Little Questions thread is working as well as it could be. We gets lots of people asking the same thing (eg. Don't they ever shower????) over and over again, not bothering to read through nearly 4 threads, which is about 5 500 posts - quite understandable. My suggestion would be:
1. A person asks a question, then lets someone answer them.
The next step depends on the nature of the question. If the question asked is a fact question, go straight to #3.
2. The question is discussed by people. When the person posing the question feels they have got a satisfactory answer, they wait for some more time (a day, two?) in case a groundbreaking theory will show up.
3. The person asking will then edit their post with the question and add the full answer that has been come up with (including all theories and unanswered questions).
4. A Mod will from time to time check the LQ thread and move all the Q&A posts into a locked thread in the Reference Books section, to which people asking similar questions can in the future be directed. The smart ones will check it out before asking
5. The discussion will be deleted, thus leaving CoS with lots more server space and freeing members of the need to look through tens of posts.
I understand it means more work for the staff. This is merely a crazy suggestion
I actually think it's a pretty good idea, I wouldn't mind doing it when bored, but a huge problem is people naturally want to assume they're the first to think of an idea and wouldn't bother checking through the thread. Also the questions "answered" will be often contradicted by everyone who disagrees, which would get more annoying.

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