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Originally Posted by midnightmagic
I wanted to see a de-gnoming of the garden in CoS, I know it's not crucial but I just love that bit, I obviously have a picture of the gnomes in my mind but I wanted to see them. That's what I love about the films the visual aspect, seeing what everyone looks like that's why it's frustrating when pople are left out.

I think they should have done like LOTR and made extra long versions, then the people who want everything can see it and people happy with 2 1/2 hour long films don't have to moan that they are too long. Personally I could sit through 4 hours of Harry Potter if it meant de-gnoming of the garden, peeves, The Deathday Party, Ludo Bagman etc etc etc.
That would be SO nice.
I know they cutted Bill out of the GoF, and I would just LOVE to see just the one little moment when Fleur looks for the first time at him. Awww
And I would love to have SPEW, I know they cut that out too.

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