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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.6

Good points. I can see your line of thinking there. If Severus hadn't mentioned the very poor performances by the pair, I'd think Draco might be right. But, I think that the two were detained just because of that and not intentionally undermine Draco. IMO, while we know Severus didn't want Draco to succeed at his assignment, he also didn't want him caught trying to carry it out, either.

We don't see any of the Slytherins get detention in any of the rest of the books because, IMO, we don't actually see them do anything in front of a teacher to get detention. Not that the lot of them don't deserve it, but we don't see them backsassing or arguing with any of the teachers, including Snape. The closest is their disrespect for Hagird, and, even then, it's done behind his back so he doesn't actually pick up on it.


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