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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

I'm thinking just because Severus "couldn't" take the DADA position, due to the curse, doesn't necessarily mean he didn't want it. IMO, he may have wanted it and thoroughly enjoyed the time he spent teaching it. I seriously doubt, though, that he would have submitted an application each year (unless he did need to leave a paper trail), and, I would guess that Dumbledore would not have considered it because he couldn't risk losing Severus from Hogwarts. But, it did seem to be common knowledge, even among the students (Percy mentions it in SS/PS) that Severus wanted that position. I think he probably did an excellent job while in it, and that it's a shame he couldn't have taken the position from the start because the students really needed training in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

As for Severus being in a position to protect the students -- it seems fairly logical that he would be the top contender for Headmaster once Voldemort took over. He already had the experience (although I doubt that would have been important to Voldy if he'd wanted someone else in there), and it was a fitting "reward" for having killed Dumbledore. IMO, Voldemort would have wanted someone there who knew the school and staff very well in order to keep an eye on things. It would also, I think, have been like rubbing the remaining staff's noses in the fact that he'd taken over and named Dumbledore's killer as Headmaster.

Also, I don't think any of the DADA teachers actually got "sacked," either. Quirrell melted into a pile of ashes. Lockhart "lost" his memory and ended up in St. Mungo's. Lupin resigned. Real Moody only agreed to take the position for a year -- fake Moody went to Azkaban. I think Umbridge "resigned," didn't she? Severus got "promoted." And, the Carrows...well, we know what happened to them. I'd bet they would have rather been sacked.


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