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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by SusanBones View Post
Yes, so that he could have all the glory for himself. No, seriously, I don't think there is any proof of anything, but if we wanted the position, then he couldn't have been too concerned about the curse, could he?
But to me the reverse is true: if he knew about the curse along with the other teachers, then he knew Dumbledore would never give him the position because it would put him out on the street long before Harry left school, which would ruin the whole plan of Snape being the spy who stayed at Hogwarts.

So to me, it seems that he and Dumbledore may have ("may" have) concocted the plan of submitting fake requests as a paper trail in case Voldemort came back. And we know that Snape and Dumbledore felt that Voldemort would return someday from The Prince's Tale, since it's the basis of Snape's continuing protection of Harry since his babyhood.

I think Snape realized that if Dumbledore couldn't break the curse on the DADA job, then neither could he. I think Snape was well-aware of his own limitations, and by the time he took the job he was the only one who knew that Dumbledore just had a year to live due to the other curse he could only "stopper" but couldn't reverse - the one from the horcrux ring. So he never expected to have the job for more than a year, in my opinion. And given that the Dark Lord was "rising" and taking over the Ministry, it wasn't as if Snape expected to be in the job very long, and he knew that the Headmaster's job would be open when Dumbledore died, and they took advantage of that as well, which is why Dumbledore made Snape promise to protect the school.

Therefore, I feel that Snape/Dumbledore used their knowledge of the curse to their logistical advantage, but there was no way to break the curse. Even the Carrows only lasted a year as well, so maybe the curse could only be broken upon Voldemort's death.


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