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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Snape and Luna: I would have given a hand to see Luna with her spectroscopes glaring at Snape in the dungeons
But still I think she would be too much out of the normal path to Snape's taste, usually her thinking leads her noway, and that is a disadvantage to him. Maybe in later years when Luna came to earth a bit....

I think Snape did actually want the DADA position, and let DD know he wanted it, however I don't picture him asking or sending an application year by year. Perhaps Snape considered himself able to rid the position from its curse.

And I think he would be less extreme in his behaviour with Huff/Ravens than with Sly/Griff, the formers just put him on his nerves.

I guess the pairing of the classes was established long ago through Hogwart traditions. It doesn't stuck to me like a place where lots of innovations were made each year.

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