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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

As far as the House pairings for classes, maybe it was worked out so that all of the Houses had some classes together, such as Arithmancy, Astronomy, etc., that we aren't specifically told about. I don't remember in SS/SP which classes had Charms together. So the schedule may have been set up to mix them around as much as possible so that they all got to meet each other on a classroom level at sometime. Otherwise, as close-knit as the Housemates seemed, they'd have only seen each other in the Great Hall at mealtimes.

As for Severus applying for the DADA position, as a teacher he would have known the position had a curse on it and he'd have only stayed in it a year. But, I think he had to give the impression that he wanted it that badly.

Since Voldy had set up Draco to kill Dumbledore (with plenty of backup), I guess he wasn't worried about Severus keeping the DADA position more than that year because he planned to take over the school and make Severus Headmaster.

I'd say that Voldemort had already told Severus about the plan to have Draco try to kill Dumbledore. I also have a feeling that Bella ran right to Voldy with the news of the Unbreakable Vow. Since she would have sacrificed all her sons (if she'd had any) for the Dark Lord, I'm sure a sister wouldn't have been much of a loss to her.

Wonder what that conversation between Severus and Voldemort was like?


I held you in my arms, although I knew that death
Had already taken you. I held you close, hoping for a faint heartbeat or breath
To prove me wrong.
But, you were still, and could not hear or see
My grief, my tears, my heartbreak knowing that the rest of my life would be
Spent without you.
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