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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by snapes_witch View Post
I wonder who actually decided on the pairings? Wouldn't it have been the Headmaster and his deputy? That seems more likely to me than the individual teachers.
Yes, that's a good point. It seems likely that Snape would have worked it out with McGonagall at least since Dumbledore seems more hands-off and uninvolved with the daily scheduling. But that's just my guess as the Headmaster seemed a little detached from the rest of the school except for appointing Prefects.

It could have also been decided based on custom and tradition. We know the Gryffindors must have had some classes with the Slytherins back in the day for Sirius to know so much about Snape's "oddball" interests. So maybe it's just the way it's always been at Hogwarts.

ETA: About DADA: I think the "letter year after year" was a cover story that worked to Dumbledore/Snape's advantage with Umbridge in OotP. Snape and the other teachers knew the position was cursed, according to CoS when Gilderoy was the only one who would take the job.

I think Snape would have liked to be Harry's DADA teacher, but it wasn't possible until they knew that Dumbledore only had a year to live, and then Slughorn returned to take over with Potions. As it was, Snape did teach Harry and the others "Expelliarmus" in the Dueling Club, and that's definitely one of the best defensive spells Harry ever learned.


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