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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
Also I think that Book did not contain dark magic or terrible/horrible spells, because if they did, I think Snape would not have left it in the School cupboard in the first place. so, I think that shows that Snape's creations/inventions were all above board.
Sorry to disagree with you but if Snape himself calls 'Sectumsempra' Dark Magis I really do have to agree with him

I think the example does not hold for me because the Potters were alive when Snape came to Dumbledore and there were means to protect them, to keep them safe from Voldemort for as long as it took. They went under the Fidelus charm and I think if they had not been betrayed by Peter, they would have lived and maybe even survived the second war, unless of course they died of natural causes/the war (assuming they decided to fight in the Order again).
Yes they were alive. All we know for sure is that they were alive. We don't know how many close shaves they had or anything else. We only know that Snape told Voldemort some poor woman was going to have a baby and that baby was going to bring Voldemort down. That was what he told him. ow seeing that Voldemort was a murderous maniac and Snape had worked for him for over year I think that Snape knew this pretty well. Snape was one smart cookie. But Dumbledore could only do so much and Snape had already done his part in the conspiracy to kill the Potters. He went to Dumbledore with too little, too late in my mind. Voldemort would never have given up, and Remus admitted, the Order and the Ministry was losing. Voldemort and his henchmen were killing everybody they could. The Potter's were condemned from the minute Snape opened his mouth and he knew that for the rest of his life. I think he probably relived that minute over and over again.

But they did not survive; they died. I feel they did not die because of Snape but because Peter betrayed them. I don't hold Snape responsible for what Peter did or for what Voldemort did. Even as he came to Dumbledore, I think Snape was still culpable for taking a Prophecy knowing Voldemort would use it in a harmful manner and kill a child.
But if you believe that, why are you saying that Snape was not responsible for what Peter and Voldemort did? Peter only gave out the address. How was he supposed to know what Voldemort was going to do? It's the same as with Snape, if Snape's not responsible then Peter's not responsible.

I think Snape would fully be responsible for James and Lily's deaths had he not come to Dumbledore and warned him in time. Then had the Potters died even when they were in hiding, Snape imo would have been fully responsible for their deaths. But when Snape came to Dumbledore and warned him, and later the Potters died because Peter betrayed their hiding place, I don't think Snape is responsible or culpable for that betrayal or murder.
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Dumbledore didn't kill anyone. Voldemort did, with a little help.

Do you mean in canon? I agree there are no dates; I was answering another poster; but I feel what ever the date I am quite sure Snape came well in time to warn Dumbledore. By well in time I mean he came when the Potters were alive. That is canon as I understand in the Prince's Tale.
Dates would help, as it stands it could have been anytime the trees were bare in Britain. Late fall to early spring, all we can do is guess.

HBP - Sectumsempra"Liar," said Snape. Harry's throat went dry. He knew what Snape was going to do and he had never been able to prevent it...

The bathroom seemed to shimmer before his eyes; he struggled to block out all thought, but try as he might, the Half-Blood Prince's copy of Advanced Potion-Making swam hazily to the forefront of his mind.

And then he was staring at Snape again, in the midst of this wrecked, soaked bathroom. He stared into Snape's black eyes, hoping against hope that Snape had not seen what he feared, but --

"Bring me your schoolbag," said Snape softly, "and all of your schoolbooks. All of them. Bring them to me here. Now!"

There was not point arguing. Harry turned at once and splashed

out of the bathroom. Once in the corridor, he broke into a run toward Gryffindor Tower. Most people were walking the other way; they gaped at him, drenched in water and blood, but he answered none of the questions fired at him as he ran past.

He felt stunned; it was as though a beloved pet had turned suddenly savage; what had the Prince been thinking to copy such a spell into his book? And what would happen when Snape saw it? Would he tell Slughorn -- Harry's stomach churned -- how Harry had been achieving such good results in Potions all year? Would he confiscate or destroy the book that had taught Harry so much...the book that had become a kind of guide and friend? Harry could not let it happen...he could not...

Harry ran flat-out toward the bathroom on the floor below, cramming Ron's copy of Advanced Potion-Making into his bag as he did so. A minute later, he was back in front of Snape, who held out his hand wordlessly for Harry's schoolbag. Harry handed it over, panting, a searing pain in his chest, and waited.

One by one, Snape extracted Harry's books and examined them. Finally, the only book left was the Potions book, which he looked at very carefully before speaking.

"This is your copy of Advanced Potion-Making, is it, Potter?"

"Yes," said Harry, still breathing hard.

"You're quite sure of that, are you, Potter?"

"Yes," said Harry, with a touch more defiance.

"This is the copy of Advanced Potion-Making that you purchased from Flourish and Blotts?"

"Yes," said Harry firmly.

"Then why," asked Snape, "does it have the name 'Roonil Waslib' written inside the front cover?"

Harry's heart missed a beat. "That's my nickname," he said.

"Your nickname, repeated Snape.

"Yeah...that's what my friends call me," said Harry.

"I understand what a nickname is," said Snape. The cold, black eyes were boring once more into Harry's; he tried not to look into them. Close your mind...Close your mind...But he had never learned how to do it properly...

Do you know what I think, Potter?" said Snape, very quietly. "I think that you are a liar and a cheat and that you deserve detention with me every Saturday until the end of term. What do you think Potter?"

Where is Legilimency mentioned? Hary thinks that Snape is using it but he can't be sure and Snape doesn't push it even though he and Harry is alone. Of course if it came out that he was really that careless as to leave such a dangerous book in his old classroom, Dumbledore would probably have ripped him a good one. But Snape was only human. He made mistakes like everyone else.

I think Snape was the same to everyone; if they were clumsy I think they suffered his sarcasm or anger depending upon how careless they've been. I don't think he was different to other sets of students.
I would have hated having a teacher like Snape n a classroom where you handle dangerous ingredients. It's the only thing I really have against him. He was a real lousy teacher as far as I can see. I don't blame him for passing on the Prophecy, well I do blame him but he was a Death Eater and Death Eaters gotta do what Death Eaters do. So I don't get mad at him for that, it's the plot of the books. I do think he was the worst possible teacher for nervous kids like Neville. Dumbedore really should have sent him for some training. It's not enough to know your subject, when your a teacher you really have to be able to teach the kids. Well he wasn't as bad as Umbridge.

I don't think they do. Harry's set always has classes with Slytherins until sixth year when all the four Houses study together (IIRC).
It was a really small class going on to Newt Level.

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