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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

I gues part of my question about the textbook is, why a teacher, who has been so strict on Harry and given him point deductions for much less serious things than almost killing someone, would allow him to blatantly lie to him? He knew Harry presented him with a fake book, yet he did not insist that Harry go and get the actual book. I also would think Severus would want the book back in safe keeping where it wouldn't fall into anyone else's hands.

Did he feel Harry might gain from the contents of the book? We see he did learn several useful spells, and, the learned about the bezoar, or at least was reminded about it from the HBP book. Or, could it be Severus was actually a bit pleased that Harry wanted to keep the book? Did he get a bit of a chuckle, knowing how Harry hated him but must have admired the HBP enough to lie to keep his book?


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