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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

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I think what I like about Snape is how human he is. He is this person who made awful mistakes, learnt from them at a great cost, refused to justify those mistakes by saying he had a poor home life or that his only friend (Lily) left him forever. It's fans who at times try to delve deep into Snape's psyche to understand the whys and whats of who he was and see if various incidents that happened in his life had something to do what he became, like his childhood, Lily's friendship, her breaking away from him, his hanging out with the Slytherins, becoming a DE and then turning away from it all to become someone who Dumbledore trusted and someone who Harry felt was the bravest man he ever knew. Snape himself in the Books gives no indication that his childhood or that Lily in any way contributed to what he became and neither does he excuse his actions by saying that Lily left him high and dry and what was he to do.

For every single action of his Snape takes responsibility, from the Mudblood word he uttered to Lily in the SWM, to becoming a DE and then for handing over the Prophecy to Voldemort. Likewise it is his own insight that makes him understand that he has joined the wrong side and it is his soul that brings forth the strength from within to turn away from Voldemort and work against him.

He never in all his life imo felt he had made amends for his mistakes and I really, really like that about him; he never felt that he could actually make amends for his part in the Potters deaths. He did not think that something could be done to justify those actions. That makes him stand apart imo and in that too, I believe he was like Dumbledore.

Snape never justifies his mistakes in the Books. His memories are about incidents that took place in his life period. He leaves it to Harry to judge them and him. The reason I like the fact he could not justify his mistakes to himself, (in that he was like Dumbledore who cried after a hundred years for Ariana); is because I believe the pain in such instances, when one like Snape or Dumbledore truly regretted what they had been, imo never goes away. It did not for Snape and it did not for Dumbledore.

But, the reason that I really love the character is his complexity.
I agree. There are so many layers to him that make him very interesting imo.

The man who, in my opinion, won the war against Voldemort for Harry Potter and the Light! Severus Snape!

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Spotlight on Snape and Molly


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